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About SRS Media AS

SRS Media AS is a familyowned production company. Our focus is to tell stories that inspires, educates, moves and enlightens. We tell stories about real people and real events preserving Norwegian legacy and heritage through film.


We also love partnering with creatives and businesses to create stories that truly make a solid footprint and impact to the world around us. 

We have our own postproduction studio and we also supply location services given our spectacular nature surrounding our office native to Sirdal, Norway. Proudly serving the featurefilm "Escape" by Fantefilm Fiksjon which was sold to 55 countries and  featuring Ingrid Bolsø Berdal who later moved on to Hollywood.


Manager and producer Svein Rune Skilnand is an established documentary filmmaker and has produced several films for the Norwegian broadcasters; the NRK and TV2, as well as serving Discovery Channel, regional channels and TV3 on external productions.


Grinding his teeth as a shooter Skilnand has now turned towards the role of a producer, educated through the Nordoc- program supported by The Norwegian Film Institute in association with the Norwegian regional film centers.  When he is not in his office or out and about in the field producing, you will find him on his family run sheepfarm.

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